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Tucson companies

Data recovery is an arduous process that needs a lot of technical proves and depending on the problem it needs a varying degrees of problem solving. Tuscon datarecovery has many companies that provide IT solutions in the field of recovering files and data on the level of software and hardware malfunctions.

Adam D Technology

This company was established in 2005 by Adam Dellos. The company started as one small computer repair business in Tuscon, however rapid growth of business spurred Adam Dellos to think bigger. The company now operates from two locations and with several teams to provide IT solutions in the Tuscon area.
Adam D Technology provides IT services, web design, networking, computer repair and of course data recovery. The company strives for customer satisfaction and working with the community of Tuscon.


This company was established in 1997 to provide IT support and computer monitoring for smaller and medium sized businesses. Its purpose is serving these small and medium organizations and providing them technology solutions that will help them succeed in a competitive environment where having an edge is over your adversary is always needed.
Intellitech’s expertise has helped hundreds of companies and organizations get a technological positive on their investments and they always bring expertise, solutions and results, even in the field of data recovery.


SWS Electronics & Computers

The company is a locally owned retail store and computer solutions provider in Tuscon, AZ. The company prides itself for professionalism in sales and diligence in doing business with customers. It has a 7,500 square foot facility located in Central Tuscon and boasts over 15 years of experience.
Aside from retail, the company prides itself for being Tuscons #1 computer repair center and prides itself in capabilities to solve and computer problems that you bring them, including the need for data recovery.

Simpsons Computer Services

Simpsons Computer Services provides a service that brings technicians to your door-step as they believe that there is no need to burden customers carrying heavy equipment. The company provides on-site IT solutions, computer operation training and even help with setting up a network.
Simpsons philosophy believes in making homes and businesses running smoother and more efficient and provides free evaluations of computers and networks.

Cell Medics

This company is a specialized repair center for servicing Samsung devices, however they are capable of repairing most other smart phones, tablets, Apple products and in some cases even laptops. They provide data recovery options for portable devices in the Tuscon area.

Dataforth Corporation

This corporation ( spans the globe with 50 international distributors and US representative companies. They pride themselves in designing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting their products. They also boast over 30 years of experience in industrial class electronic products. The company has a team of highly trained engineers ready to tackle any problem head on.

Iron Mountain

Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain Incorporated has become a global leader in information management services and storage. The company’s moto is to invest in security technology and ensure to protect information of their customers as if it was their own.
The company Iron Mountain provides solutions for information management, digital transformation, secure storage and secure destruction. On top of that it has data centers, art storage, logistics, cloud services and even data recovery solutions.


Datadrive, a company of 24 years, provides a full PC repair service facility for repairing and upgrading any laptop or desktop. They also provide on-site services and visits in the Tuscon area.
With 24 years of experience the company prides itself on recovering lost data that other companies deemed completely lost, even providing a free evaluation.

Geeks 2 You

Formed in 2007 by Marc Enzor, the company boasts several experts in affordable computer repair and consulting in the Tuscon, Az area. Geeks 2 You provides on-site computer repairs and services to customers and focus on timely quality repairs.
Geeks 2 You has experts in data recovery that assure a fast and reliable recovery of any data lost. They also provide backup solutions for future problems.

Tucson Computer Repairs & Data Recovery Solutions

Founded in 1991 this is a small family run business that specializes in computer repair, security and recovery. The company provides on-site service to homes and businesses.